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Bolt Unfairly Targets ABC

Andrew Bolt’s latest commentary on the ABC should be called out for what it is – unfair and inaccurate. He claims in his Herald Sun column of June 14, 2020 – ABC MAKES UP ‘HISTORY’ TO DESTROY AUSTRALIA – that: “The ABC tells an inflammatory falsehood in its war on Australia. How did this get published as “fact”?:  After […]

“10 Things We Learnt From the First Ashes Test”

Winning the toss – and batting first – is crucial At 8/122 on day one Tim Paine probably thought batting first was a bad idea. He probably wasn’t feeling much better about it when England got 374 – a lead of 90 – but, as the old saying goes, ‘runs on the board’ and batting […]

Australia’s politicians need to change their behaviour

I generally refrain from initiating election comment, though I often feel duty bound to respond to extreme or what I consider irrational or illogical positions. I’m not a believer in the idea that simply holding an opinion – even if it be a truly an honestly held view – makes one immune from having that […]

Australia’s Slow Journey to a Fast Train

It’s 226km from Rome to Naples, the gateway to Pompeii. Our train slides out of Rome Termini at 9:17am, only two minutes behind schedule, pretty good I reckon for a country not renowned for its punctuality.   The early part of the journey is smooth but sedate as our Frecciarossa train glides through the outer […]

Alan Turing is my cousin!

Today I was researching some family history and I made a bizarre discovery. My family is related to Alan Turing the famous computer genius, widely regarded as one of the ‘fathers’ of artificial intelligence and most famous for cracking the Enigma Code. Can you see the family resemblance? Sporting prowess clearly runs in the family. We […]

The Wisdom of W. Somerset Maugham

I’m a big fan of W. Somerset Maugham so couldn’t resist this little gem found in a charity shop and I’m happy to say that  ‘Willie’ didn’t let me down right from the start. I also couldn’t resist sharing this little extract from the opening chapter of ‘The Summing Up’. I guess in modern terminology we’d […]

Abandoned Trolleys

  There seems to be an increase in the number of supermarket trolleys abandoned in the streets around  Brunswick and North Carlton. This one, in an open field at the southern end of Princes Park, was so far out of it’s usual context I couldn’t resist taking a photo. It seemed so lonely… such a […]

Penalty Rates

So, Labour Day; lovely sunny day, kids off school… we rode our bikes to a local cafe for lunch, as you do. Nothing special about that, however, I was intrigued to read the above note stuck to the salt shaker on our table. As you can see from the picture above it reads: “Please note […]

The World According to ‘Luke’

Sometimes you find something on the side of the road that just makes your day. I picked up a soggy piece of paper near my house the other day, annoyed at the littering and ready only to throw it in the bin. As I started to crumple the paper I noticed it was a hand […]