Australia’s politicians need to change their behaviour

I generally refrain from initiating election comment, though I often feel duty bound to respond to extreme or what I consider irrational or illogical positions. I’m not a believer in the idea that simply holding an opinion – even if it be a truly an honestly held view – makes one immune from having that view challenged.

I’m shocked by little that happens in politics; even less by what happens in an election, but I have to confess to being pretty disappointed by this card – pictured below that arrived in the mailbox today.

It’s clearly anti-Greens… that’s fine, though I can’t and don’t vouch for whether all the claims made on this leaflet are true.

What disappoints me is that, given the negativity of the attacks, I wanted to see who the leaflet came from.

Here’s the other side of the leaflet.

Not immediately obvious who this is from, is it? Especially not obvious to those of us with challenged eyesight. But look closer.

Ah, there it is… Oh look, authorised by The Australian Labor Party!

I have to say that I find this disappointing, though I guess not surprising, that a party, any political party, would launch an attack on another party and not at least have the guts to own the allegations they are making.

Is it any wonder so many people have lost faith in politics in Australia?

If you launched this type of attack on say a work colleague, or associate or if a kid at school attacked another kid online like this – even if it was all true – you’d be leaving yourself open to all sorts of accusations of bullying.

Yet this is how our politicians choose to behave.

If I could have one wish for this new Parliament – whoever is in Government – it would be that the politicians treat each other a bit more civility.

I don’t buy the ‘it’s a robust environment’ and ‘giving as good as you get’. That’s garbage.

If my students conducted themselves like that in class, I’d ask them to leave.

If a client or employer spoke to me like that, I’d never work for or with them again.

If my kids behaved like our politicians do in Parliament I’d discipline them. No electronics for a day… you want to argue, OK a week, and no PS4.

Maybe that’s the key… threaten to take away their electronics and see if that improves their behaviour.

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